Think you might be interested in joining North Spokane Homeschool Connection?  Great!  Here are some things you might want to know about before you decide to dive in!

When and where do you meet?
NSHSC meets on Thursdays from 9:00- 1:15 (with an optional 8:00 hour for Secondary students) at Pilgrim Lutheran Church across from Audubon Park.

How many weeks do you meet during the year?

All PreK-12th grade classes are offered on a 27 week schedule which is broken into three sessions starting in September and ending in May.

In addition to our normal co-op days we have a Christmas, Valentine’s, and end-of the year celebration. We also have a Science Fair every spring and bi-weekly park days throughout the summer.

Do I have to teach?
The simple answer is, yes, all moms (or dads!) have to teach.  We are a fully independent, parent-led co-op, and in order for that to work each family must contribute to the effort.  Parents (which typically means moms, but has included dads from time to time) are required to fulfill a minimum of 2 teaching credits per year.  You receive 1 credit for each class you teach and a half credit for each class you co-teach.  Credits are also available for a select list of other co-op responsibilities based on whether or not those jobs are already filled.

Some moms find teaching exhilarating while others find it downright frightening!  If you are one of those intimidated moms, don’t worry!  We are a very helpful and supportive bunch and are usually able to find a veteran mom who is willing to co-teach a class with a new mom so she can get her feet wet.  You will also have plenty of opportunities to help out in other classes and see how some other moms do it.  Each mom tends to bring her own flavor and style to teaching, which we love!

The key to teaching is picking a class topic that you enjoy!

How many families do you have?
We cap off at 40 families because that is just about the limit of what our facility can hold.  We occasionally dip below our 40-family limit, but typically hover right around that number.  We find it to be a nice size that allows us to still be able to get to know each other well while also offering a good selection of opportunities for our families.

What do I, as a mom, do all day at co-op?
Since we are a co-operative, each mom contributing is essential to making our ship sail.  To ensure that everything runs smoothly and each classroom has at least 2 parents in it at all times, all moms are assigned to be somewhere each hour of the co-op day.  This will either mean that they are teaching a class, helping in a class, working in the nursery or helping as a Fellow Laborer in Christ (aka- FLIC) who helps set up the lunch room, keep the facility clean and substitute for classroom helpers who may be absent.  Moms with nursery-aged children are always assigned to be in the nursery at least one hour.

Can I be in all of my child’s classes?
Some moms would like to be in each of their child’s classes during our co-op day.  Due to the size and staffing needs of our co-op schedule, our schedulers do their best to make this happen for these moms but it simply cannot be guaranteed. The only way to ensure that you are in each and every one of your child’s classes is to teach or co-teach all of them, otherwise you will be assigned to typical co-op duties (which will likely include being in at least one of their classes).

Does my family have to attend all three main hours of co-op (9:00am-1:15pm)?
Yes. Given that we place a cap on our co-op at 40 families, it is essential that each family attends all three main hours of our day in order to have a co-op that functions properly and has its staffing needs fully met each hour of the day.

Do you have a designated preschool program?
While our co-op’s wonderful preschool classes are a tremendous perk for our younger kiddos, they are just that – a side benefit to the co-op experience as a whole.  Our co-op is geared for school-aged children and teens, K-12. Younger siblings just happen to get the benefit of being in on the action!  Families must have at least one school-aged child (5 years or older as of August 31st of the co-op year) in order to join our co-op.

Can I come visit the co-op?
We would love to have you visit our co-op for our tour and to answer any of your questions in person!  Simply fill out our contact form and our secretary will contact you to set up a day for you to come. (Please be sure to schedule your visit in advance so we can fully prepare for you to come and be able to offer you the opportunity to sit in on a class or two!)

How much does NSHSC cost per year?

  • $40 non-refundable registration fee each year
  • $40 facility fee due at the beginning of each trimester
  • Individual class costs are set by each teacher and typically range from free to around $10, depending on supplies needed for the class.  Class fees are due the first week of each trimester and teachers are reimbursed the second week of each trimester.

Can I drop my kids off for co-op?
Since we are a co-operative, each family must have a parent present during all three main hours of our co-op day  in order to fill all of our co-operative needs.  While on campus parents are still, ultimately, fully responsible for their children. Parents (mom or dad) are required to be on site at all times and are required to teach classes. NSHSC is not a drop-off program.

What kinds of opportunities do you have for moms?
We believe it is important for us homeschooling moms to be able to fellowship, support and learn from each other in this journey as much as we can.  To help facilitate this we offer a monthly moms night, open to all moms in our local homeschooling community, that circulates around a particular homeschooling topic and offers time for “socialization.”  We also have Christmas and End of Year parties just for us mamas to celebrate!

Do you have to be a Christian to attend?
NSHSC is a faith-based co-operative.  Since we operate with a Christ-centered, Biblical Worldview at our core, we do insist that all families agree with and also believe in our Statement of Faith in order to participate.

How can I register?
So, does this co-op sound like the one for you?  Great!  We at NSHSC would love to talk with you more to discuss your participation with us! Please use the online registration form to be placed on our interview/waiting list.