A Brief History of NSHSC

The roots of our co-op go back to 1993/1994 when moms at Garland Missionary Alliance Church joined together to form L.I.O.N.S.– Learning Integrity and Obedience through Nurturing and Scripture. The group’s original purpose was to give Christian moms who were home- schooling a monthly opportunity to meet together. Mom’s met to fellowship and plan field trips. That group organized a variety of classes, fellowship opportunities, field trips, parties and even curriculum sales over the years.

In 1999, the group decided to offer co-op classes and teach each others’ children from September through May. This change led to a location change and the group began meeting at North Addison Baptist Church. The group added a Mom’s Support Group that met in homes to meet the fellowship needs that the original structure provided. From Fall 1999 to 2000 the group met at Addison and included about 25 families.

From 2000 to 2003, the group met at St. Lukes Lutheran Church and supported about 23 families representing about 60 children. In the spring of 2003 the group was offered the use of Spokane’s First Nazarene Church. With this change we decided to change our name to North Spokane HomeSchool Connection. The creation of a web-site (NSHSC.org) and organization modernized the group. With an average of 25 families, parents felt it was time to operate the co-op in a more structured and consistent manner with clearly outlined goals and operating guidelines.

During the winter of 2005 formal policies were written and guidelines for a steering committee were designed to begin in the 2005/2006 co-op year. One of the steps taken in 2005/2006 was to get a tax ID number for banking and bookkeeping purposes. During the fall of 2006 our meeting location changed to Garland Avenue Alliance Church, where the co-op met for four years successfully. Changes in rental policies and costs at Garland facilitated the relocation beginning fall 2010 to Pilgrim Lutheran Church at 2733 West Northwest Boulevard, Spokane.

(information compiled and presented by Ruth Wagley – last updated 2010)